Wired Saturdays

Wired Saturdays

"Wired Saturdays" is a collaboration by a well known Berlin-based techno artist Ray Kajioka and Vilnius electro freak Moon Disco. Ray was rocking dancefloors lately with a bunch of successful releases and remixes on such labels as "Kanzleramt" or Alexander Kowalski's "Damage Music " to name a few. Moon Disco, on his part, has been staying true to electro scene for some formidable time, and was released by Radioactive Man's "Control Tower" and German cult electro label "Kommando 6".

Both guys met each other in Vilnius while Ray Kajioka had a gig at a monthly venue, also named "Wired Saturdays”. Naturally, as true music lovers, they decided to join their passion for proper sounds in a joint venture, that matured into strong fusion of techno and electro.

The release kicks off with Ray’s tune “Bithuanian Nites”, a solid tech-house banger, recorded after one of his trip to Lithuania, where he put all of his received vibe over there, whereas Moon Disco remix offers his own view on the theme in more electrified atmosphere. Moon Disco’s “Xlix” represents a firm artist’s perception of modern electrofunk sound, with punchy analog basslines, pads and melodies, which are taken by Ray and pushed further into deep-tech frontier.


Ray Kajioka & Moon Disco






March 16, 2012


Joel Mull (Hybrid, Drumcode, Sweden)
like the Bithuanian Nites and Ray's remix for Xlix!

Pawas (Night Drive, Ostwind, Spectral, India)
Xlix (Ray Kajioka remix) is my favourite !!

Estroe (Connaisseur, EevoNext, Bedrock, Snejl. Netherlands)
Love your original and the remix you did as well. Full Support!

Fabrice Lig (Soul Designer, F-Com, KMS, Belgium)
Bithuaninan nites !!! Superb ! Love it!

Elbee Bad (Voodoo Tracks, Gigolo, NYC)
" 1,2,3,4 real!" !!

Radioactive Man / Keith Tenniswood (Control Tower)
Moon Disco doin it! really nice vibes.. will play fo sure! :)

Slo-mo (LV)
Great, completely great ! Thanks guys ±!

Nter (Crobot Crew)
Great stuff! Outstanding work...! truly njoyed all 4 tracks! Fresh! N-ter

Matteo Pitton (Eintakt / Diametral)
The electro touch in the first 3 tracks is ok, atm my favourite is "Moon Disco - Xlix (Ray Kajioka Remix)". Thanks for sending!

Patrick DSP
nice synths.

Ronnie Matthews (Starfleetmusic.com)
Nice EP, good production & energy throughout these mixes. We'll give them a test & see if they will woirk for our crew.

Gabriel Le Mar
Bithuanian Nights (original mix) and Moon Disco (Ray Kajioka Remix) are my favourites - excellent shake-ass-productions...

would spin the electro tunes if on vinyl ;)

Prudo / Alfa Romero
love "xlix" original. will play.

Hallucin (Techstylism,LT)
Yes! Congrats to combined forces releasing shaded004. Excellent work guys, all tracks are sounding as they should sound - just pure quality and tasty! Thanks.

Arjun Vagale (MakTub India)
really love Ray's mix of Xlix. really hot

Markus Schulz

Daz Furey
Will put in rotation on fnoob techno radio

Robert Grand (Additan Radio)
Great release! Bithuanian is my fav. THX